February 21, Wednesday, 2024

1. The Japanese government is accelerating its push for offshore wind power. It sees floating turbines as more suitable for the country, and is preparing for tests. The government has set offshore wind power as one of the pillars of its renewable energy policy. But the country has few shallow sea areas suitable for the anchored types, leaving floating versions as a more feasible option.
2. A private survey has found that workers at most small-and-medium-sized firms in Japan can expect wage hikes in fiscal 2024. But the margin of the increase will not be as big as this year. Labor and management are currently discussing sustainable pay increases in the annual spring wage negotiations.
3. The Italian government says leaders of the Group of Seven nations will hold an online summit on Saturday, exactly two years from the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Italy said on Tuesday that the leaders will discuss support for Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is expected to join the talks.