February 20, Tuesday, 2024

1. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly been given a Russian-made car as a gift from the country’s President Vladimir Putin. The North Korean leader’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, reportedly conveyed her brother’s gratitude to the Russian side, calling the gift a clear sign of the special personal relationship between the two leaders.
2. EU foreign ministers expressed their condolences to the widow of later Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny during a ministerial meeting that was held on Monday. Yulia Navalnaya attended the EU foreign ministers’ gathering in Belgium. The ministers invited her after her husband—a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin – died at a prison on Friday.
3. Taiwanese authorities say they will send back to China two crew members who were aboard a Chinese fishing boat that capsized. The boat overturned last Wednesday near Kinmen, a group of islands effectively controlled by Taiwan. Two of the four crew members on the vessel died. The incident occurred as the boat was being pursued by a Taiwanese coast guard ship.