September 15, Friday, 2023

1. Japanese police are searching the headquarters of used car dealer chain Bigmotor in relation to alleged used of weed killer leading to deaths of trees along sidewalks outside some of its shops. The firm is under scrutiny for allegedly filing fraudulent insurance claims after carrying out unnecessary repair work. Tree deaths by weed killer or other means near Bigmotor outlets have also drawn public attention.
2. Shipments of top-quality bigeye tuna have begun in the northeastern Japanese city of Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture. The Sanriku Shiogama Higashimono brand name is given to premium bigeye tuna unloaded at the market from early autumn to winter. The selection criteria include freshness and fattiness.
3. Japanese musician Yoshiki has left prints of his hands and feet in cement in a ceremony at a Hollywood theater. He’s the first Japanese to leave his mark alongside those of legendary stars. The imprint ceremony for the member of the popular rock band X Japan took place at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Thursday.