September 14, Thursday, 2023

1. North Korea says the country’s leader Kim Jong Un sand Russian President Vladimir Putin reached a “satisfactory agreement” on important issues in their summit talks on Wednesday. Putin also reportedly accepted an invitation to visit North Korea at a convenient time. 2. Japan’s new Foreign Minister Kamikawa Yoko says she hopes to build trust with her global counterparts at the UN General Assembly next week. She wants to visit New York next week to attend the UN General Assembly session and the G7 Foreign Ministers’ meeting. 3. Japan Airlines is using a sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, on one of its international flights during a week-long trial. SAF accounts for 11 percent of the fuel on flight JL6 from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to New York City. The carrier’s goal is for SAF to make up 1 percent of the fuel burned on all its flights by 2025. The ratio is slated to rise to 10 percent by 2030.