September 12, Tuesday, 2023

1. A special train carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has entered the Russian Far East. Russian government sources say Kim and President Vladimir Putin are expected to hold talks on Wednesday. 2. The Russian and North Korean Ambassadors to the United Nations are showing support for each other as a summit meeting between their two leaders is likely to take place soon. North Korean Ambassador Kim Song backed Moscow’s veto of a resolution to renew sanctions against the West African country of Mali at the UN General Assembly meeting on Monday. 3. British scientist Ian Wilmut, who created the world’s first cloned sheep, Doly, has died. He was 79. Wilmut, who studied embryology and regenerative medicine, cloned Dolly in 1996 from the cell of an adult sheep. While the lamb’s creation raised hope that the technique could be applied to treatment of incurable diseases, it also sparked controversy over the ethics of possible human cloning.