September 11, Monday, 2023

1. The yield on Japan’s 10-year-government bond has risen to its highest level since January 2014. It hit 0.705 percent at one stage on Monday. A move by the Bank of Japan in July to slightly relax its grip on long-term yields has been putting upward pressure on the benchmark bond’s yield. 2. The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says the first round of the release into the sea of treated and diluted water has been completed. It says there were no problems with the equipment or procedures.
3. In the men’s Rugby World Cup in France, Japan comfortably defeated Chile 42-12 in their opening group match. Chile scored the first try in the sixth minute of the first half. Then two minutes later, Japan immediately scored a try to tie the score. Chile temporarily lost two players one by one to penalties. Japan took advantage by scoring two tries, finishing the first half in the lead.