June 2, Friday, 2023

1. The US Senate has passed a bill to suspend the government’s debt ceiling, paving the way for President Joe Biden to sign it into law to avert a default. The bill is based on an agreement reached on Sunday between the Democratic president and Republican House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The Biden administration sought to raise the ceiling, while Republicans demanded spending cuts.
2. Japanese weather officials say bands of thunderclouds are causing heavy downpours in western Japan’s Kochi Prefecture. A front is also expected to bring heavy rain to more prefectures along the Pacific coast and other areas. The front is being fed by moist air around Severe Tropical Storm Mawar, and it is causing downpours.
3. US President Joe Biden tripped and fell on stage at the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony on Thursday. The White House says he is fine. The 80-year-old president fell as he was about to return to his seat after shaking hands with graduates at the ceremony in the western state of Colorado.