June 1, Thursday, 2023

1. The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to suspend the government’s debt ceiling, paving the way to avert a US default. The bill is based on an agreement reached on Sunday between US President Joe Biden, who wants to raise the ceiling, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who wants to cut spending.
2.The German government has told Moscow to shut down four Russian consulates in the country after Berlin was forced to restrict its own diplomatic missions in Russia. A German foreign ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday that it will close three of its four consulates in Russia because Moscow has imposed limits on the number of German officials who ae allowed to work in the country. 3. Toyota Motor announced Wednesday it will start producing family-friendly sports utility EVs featuring third-row seating in the US state of Kentucky in 2025. The SUVs will be powered by batteries made at a plant in the nearby state of North Carolina.