October 24, Monday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.Chinese President Xi Jinping begins a third term in office with the country facing economic challenges. The Communist Party selected seven members of its top leadership on Sunday. The new lineup is dominated by Xi’s close aides, including subordinates who worked under him in the past.
2.British media reports suggest former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak appears set to become the country’s new prime minister. The speculation comes after Boris Johnson pulled out of the Conservative leadership race. A statement from the former prime minister said his return wouldn’t be “right,” suggesting his party would not unite behind him.
3.Japanese Economic Revitalization Minister Yamagiwa Daishiro has handed in his resignation to Prime Minister Kishida Fumio after a series of revelations about his links with the religious group previously known as the Unification Church.