October 15, Friday, 2021 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.Japanese political leaders are gearing up for a general election at the end of the month as Prime Minister Kishida Fumio dissolved the Diet’s Lower House on Thursday. At a news conference on Thursday evening, Kishida said, “We must do all we can to fight the coronavirus and get the economy back on track. We also have to build a new social economic system for the post-corona era. I would like the people to decide who can carve out a future after the pandemic.”
2.The Japanese government is to provide financial support for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s planned new chip factory in Japan. The move is in line with governments the world over vying to secure a domestic chip production base to ensure economic security.
3.Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says Japan’s government will come up with an overall set of measures early next month to counter a possible resurgence of the coronavirus. Kishida said he has instructed relevant Cabinet ministers to take concrete measures even when the virus has double the virulence as the outbreak this summer.