October 14, Thursday, 2021 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.The Lower House of Japan’s Diet has been dissolved for a general election. The Lower House speaker made the announcement on Thursday afternoon that triggers a national election. The Cabinet will meet later in the day to formally set the election date, which is expected for October 31. Campaigning will officially kick off next Tuesday, October 19.
2.The secretary-general of Japan’s main governing Liberal Democratic Party says that in the upcoming election, his responsibility is to add as many seats as possible to achieve a stable government. Amari Akira said the Lower House election is for voters to choose between a system led by the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party, or a system led by the current coalition of the LDP and Komeito.
3. The leader of Japan’s largest opposition party has made clear his resolve to end the dominance of the Liberal Democratic Party in the upcoming general election. Thursday happens to be the day the Edo shogunate ended more than 150 years ago. Edano Yukio says he has a strong determination to make the Lower House dissolution the end of one-party dominance of Japan’s politics.