July 7, Wednesday, 2021(1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1. Japan’s Meteorological Agency says well-developed rain clouds are hovering over a wide stretch of land across the Sanin and Tokai regions. The agency is urging people there to be on the alert for landslides and floods. It says that clouds may dump more rain on areas along the Sea of Japan coast from northern Kyushu to the Tohoku region.
2. Rescuers digging through piles of mud left by massive mudslides in a spa resort town southwest of Tokyo say they aren’t giving up hope—now four days after disaster struck. More than 20 people remain unaccounted for. 7 people have died.
3. The Japanese government will discuss a possible extension of targeted anti-coronavirus measures on Wednesday. It plans to make a decision as early as Thursday after listening to experts’ opinions. The decision could affect attendance at the Tokyo games.