July 6, Tuesday, 2021 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1. Rescuers continue to search for who may have been trapped by deadly mudslides which tore through a resort city about 90 kilometers from Tokyo. Officials in Atami have confirmed the safety of another 41 people but 29 people remain unaccounted for. A crucial 72-hour window for finding survivors has closed.
2. Japan has officially inaugurated its team of athletes for the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled to open on July 23. A ceremony was held in Tokyo on Tuesday afternoon. A record 582 athletes will represent Japan at the Tokyo Games. But due to coronavirus restrictions, the number of attendees at the ceremony was limited, with most participating online.
3. An Asian industry group of international companies, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, says its members may stop offering services in Hong Kong due to the amendment to privacy rule.