May 27, Monday, 2024

1. South Korea’s president says he and the leaders of Japan and China have adopted a joint declaration that includes their pledge to work closely together to achieve regional peace and prosperity. Yoon Suk-yeol told reporters that the foundation of cooperation among the three countries is mutual understanding and trust, and their leaders must meet frequently to communicate with each other.
2. Tel Aviv has come under a Hamas rocket attack as Israel continues its offensive in Rafah, southern Gaza. The Israeli media say Tel Aviv was targeted for the first time since January. Hamas bombarded Tel Aviv with a rocket barrage. This comes as the Israeli military continues its operation in Rafah. The International Court of Justice had ordered Israel to immediately halt the attack in the area as a provisional measure.
3. In sumo, 23-year-old Onosato has won his first top-division title in his seventh tourney since his debut as a professional wrestler. Onosato was recently promoted to the fourth-highest rank of Komusubi. Going into the final day of the 15-day Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday, he was leading with 11 wins and three losses. Sekiwake Abi and three other wrestlers were trailing him with four losses.