May 21, Tuesday, 2024

1. Ukraine says it has decided to take part in the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Paris. In a statement on Monday, the country’s Youth and Sports Ministry and Olympic Committee announced the decision to participate in the Games, which open on July 26. The statement said participating in the Games is an opportunity for Ukraine to demonstrate its strong will and spirits. 2. Japan’s lay judge system marks its 15th anniversary. It is facing a growing problem with candidates failing to show up for the screening process. Lay judge candidates are randomly chosen every year from the general public. They must be at least 20 years old and have the right to vote. Except for those who are allowed to excuse themselves for various reasons, candidates are screened through an appointment procedure and a lottery. 3. A Bank of Japan survey shows that many businesses felt both benefits and drawbacks from the central bank’s unprecedented monetary easing in recent decades. The central bank is now analyzing the effects of its monetary policy that included massive purchases of assets like government bonds and exceptionally low interest rates. The BOJ has started to move away from the policy after a period of about 25 years.