March 15, Friday, 2024

1. Japan plans to ease the country’s strict defense export rules to allow the sale of next generation fighter jets developed with Britain and Italy. The country’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner, Komeito, came to an agreement on Friday to tweak the rules under some conditions.
2. Japan’s largest steelmaker has pushed back against President Joe Biden’s concerns over its plan to acquire US Steel. Biden said on Thursday it is “vital” that the company remains American. Officials at Nippon Steel responded on Friday, saying the deal will deliver “clear benefits” to US Steel, its workers and national security.
3. The Los Angeles Dodgers have released a photo on the team’s official social media account showing Japanese star player Ohtani Shohei’s wife for the first time. The couple are posing in front of a plane heading to South Korea, where the team’s season opener will take place.