March 1, Friday, 2024

1. A series of earthquakes have been observed off the eastern coast of Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, since Tuesday. Japanese officials are urging people in the region to be on the alert for further seismic activity. Japan Meteorological Agency officials say a magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck the area at around 5:43 a.m. on Friday.
2. A ceremony in the Marshall Islands has marked 70 years since a US hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Many islanders and crewmembers of the Daigo Fukuryu Maru from the central Japanese city of Yaizu and fishing boats from Kochi Prefecture, southwestern Japan, were exposed to radiation when the test was conducted on March 1, 1954.
3. US President Joe Biden traveled to the southern border with Mexico and met with patrol agents and asylum officers on Thursday. His trip to Brownsville, Texas, came on the same day that former President Donald Trump visited another city close by. The visits happened ahead of Super Tuesday on March 5, when voters in about one-third of states choose the candidates they want for the 2024 presidential election.