February 23, Friday, 2024

1. Japan’s Emperor Naruhito turns 64 on Friday. Ahead of his birthday, he spoke to reporters at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. He reflected on the past year, conveying condolences to the relatives of those who died in the major earthquake that shook the Noto Peninsula and other areas of central Japan on January 1.
2. Foreign ministers from the Group of 20 nations remain divided over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the fighting approaches the two-year mark. Diplomats discussed the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as reforms for international bodies including the United Nations.
3. A senior UN official in charge of overseeing humanitarian aid in Ukraine has appealed for continued support from the international community, as the second anniversary of the start of Russia’s invasion nears. Denise Brown, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Ukraine noted that the conflict between Israel and Hamas and other global crises have reduced the international community’s interest in the situation in Ukraine.