February 7, Wednesday, 2024

1. Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward and property developer Mitsubishi Estate have launched a digital tracking and information system to help people left stranded in the area after a major disaster. Officials unveiled their new “Disaster Dashboard” system to media on Wednesday as it went into operation.
2. Orcas trapped by ice off Hokkaido, northern Japan, were no longer seen in the area as of Wednesday morning. Rausu Town officials said they hoped the orcas had been able to free themselves as the ice floes appeared to be loosening on Wednesday morning.
3. Toyota Motor says it will invest 1.3 billion dollars in its flagship US plant in Kentucky to start producing electric vehicles in 2025. Toyota’s North American unit plans to start producing a new three-row electric SUV at the Kentucky facility and add a battery pack assembly line. The batteries will be supplied by another plant in North California.