January 16, Tuesday, 2024

1. Former US President Donald Trump has won the Iowa caucuses. This is the first vote in the nationwide contest to choose the Republican Party’s candidate for this year’s presidential election. In the US presidential election, the Democratic and Republican parties hold caucuses and primaries in states across the country to select their presidential candidates for the November vote.
2. Cold weather is making a difficult situation even worse for survivors of the deadly New Year’s earthquake in central Japan. At least 222 people have been confirmed dead and thousands more still haven’t returned to their homes as temperatures dip below freezing. Snow clouds have covered much of the Noto Peninsula.
3. The US military in Japan will begin to deliver relief supplies to quake-hit areas in central Japan’s Noto Peninsula as early as Wednesday at the request of the Japanese Defense Ministry. Defense Minister Kihara Minoru told reporters on Tuesday that Japan’s Self Defense Forces have now shifted their main tasks from sending relief supplies to focusing on moving evacuees out of affected areas.