January 9, Tuesday, 2024

1. Japan’s Defense Minister Kihara Minoru says a total of 6,300 Self-Defense Force personnel are now involved in efforts to hep areas affected by the powerful earthquake tat struck central Japan on New Year’s Day. Kihara told reporters on Tuesday that the number of personnel was increased by 200 from the previous day.
2. Taiwan’s ruling party presidential candidate says his election win would prompt China to review its Taiwan policy, even though Beijing currently does not see is party as a dialogue partner. Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party is running in Saturday’s presidential election against Hou Yu-ih of the largest opposition Kuomintang party and Ko Wen-je of the second-largest opposition Taiwan People’s Party.
3. Schools in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture that were relatively unaffected by the powerful earthquake on New Year’s Day have reopened for their new terms.