January 5, Friday, 2024

1. Three full days have passed since a major earthquake struck the Noto Peninsula on the Sea of Japan coast, and rescue operations continue. The survival rate is said to drop significantly after 72 hours. The Ishikawa prefectural government says it has confirmed at least 92 deaths. 242 people were still unaccounted for as of Thursday night.
2. US Defense Department Press Secretary Pat Ryder has said “Our hearts are with the Japanese government” after Monday’s powerful earthquake in the Noto Peninsula. Ryder said on Thursday, “We remain in close communication with the Government of Japan and we do stand ready to aid in any way that would be most helpful to Japan.
3. The impact of some big news events, including earthquake on New Year’s Day, are on the minds of the chiefs of Japanese securities firms as we enter 2024. They gave their thoughts on what might be ahead for the economy. President and CEO of Daiwa Securities Group, Nakata Seiji, says the latest earthquake reminded the world that Japan is prone to earthquakes. He adds that the collision of a JAL jet with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft on Tuesday also raised concern about safety amid growing demand for tourism, especially inbound travel.