January 2, Tuesday, 2024

1. The extent of the damage following a massive earthquake along the Sea of Japan coast on New Year’s Day is becoming clear. The earthquake has left at least 30 people dead in Ishikawa Prefecture. Injuries are reported in the prefectures of Ishikawa, Niigata, Fukui, Toyama, and Gifu.
2. Roads are covered with mud and sand, and some structures have tilted in parts of Niigata City due to soil liquefaction caused by Monday’s massive earthquake.
3. South Korea’s main opposition party leader Lee Jae-myung was attacked by a man during a visit to the southern city of Busan on Tuesday morning. He was taken to the hospital while conscious. Local police say a man carrying a weapon attacked Lee, the head of the Democratic Party. Lee was reportedly bleeding from the neck when he was rushed to a hospital.