November 28, Tuesday, 2023

1. Qatar says Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend the current pause in fighting between the two sides for two more days until Wednesday. Attention is now focused on whether the move will lead to more hostages being released and improvements in the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. 2. The operator of the Line messaging app is reporting a massive breach of personal data. Line Yahoo, or LY Corporation, believes that about 440,000 items may have been leaked, apparently due to a cyberattack on an affiliate’s computer system.
3. The organizers of the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka, western Japan, have invited the media to the construction site of the Grand Roof, the symbol of the venue. The Grand Roof, also called the Ring, was unveiled to the media on Monday, showing the progress in its construction. Three consortiums have been commissioned to take part in the project.