October 16, Monday, 2023

1. US President Joe Biden says it would be a mistake for Israel to occupy Gaza again. Asked if it is time for a ceasefire, Biden replied that Israel has to respond. He said, “They have to go after Hamas.” But he said, “I think it’d be a big mistake,” when he was asked if he would support an Israeli occupation of Gaza.
2. Growing worries about the Israel-Hamas conflict are creating waves in the markets, with traders in Tokyo sending crude oil prices higher over fears that further escalation could choke supply. Meanwhile, gold futures hit a record high in Osaka early on Saturday as investors piled in seeking safe haven from market uncertainty.
3. Fans of entertainers belonging to the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates have expressed mixed feelings over the closure of shops selling official merchandise. These so-called Johnny’s Shops, which sell photos and other goods featuring the agency’s talents, are scheduled to shut down on Monday. This follows the sexual abuse scandal involving the agency’s late founder, Johnny Kitagawa.