August 21, Monday, 2023

1. Scorching heat continues to grip Japan on Monday, pushing temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius in many places. Heatstroke alerts have been issued for many prefectures across Japan. Weather officials are asking people to check the Heat Stress Index, which is based on temperature, humidity and solar radiation, and take necessary precautions.
2. China’s central bank has lowered its key interest rate in what is seen as a bid to support the economy amid clear signs of a faltering recovery. Prolonged weakness in China’s real-estate market is prompting concern about the financial health of related businesses. Exports are also down sharply. 3. Former US President Donald Trump has confirmed that he will not take part in the first Republican presidential primary debate this week. Trump, who is seeking re-election in the 2024 presidential race, made the remark in a social media post on Sunday. The debate is scheduled to take place on Wednesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.