July 17, Monday, 2023

1. A group of researchers says a higher basal body temperature made intestinal bacteria more active in mice and prevented them from becoming seriously ill with influenza. The group includes Associate Professor Ichinohe Takeshi of the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science. The researchers took note that mice with high basal body temperatures are less likely to develop serious symptoms if they are infected with flue.
2. Japanese tennis player Oda Tokito has won the men’s wheelchair singles title at Wimbledon for the first time. It is his second Grand Slam title following the French Open last month. 17-year-old Oda is ranked number one in the world. He faced second-ranked Alfie Hewett of Britain in the final on Sunday. 3. Japanese Actor Suzuki Ryohei has won the Screen International Rising Star award at the New York Asian Film Festival for his performance in the gay romance drama “Egoist.” Suzuki played the main character – a gay person navigating his relationship with his lover and the lover’s mother – in the film that was screened on Saturday.