July 4, Tuesday, 2023

1.Children at an elementary school in a village in Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan, have marked the third anniversary of deadly flooding that hit the region. In July 2020, the Kuma River flooded after record rainfall, killing 25 people in Kuma Village.
2. Japanese weather officials are warning that southwestern Japan’s Kyushu region could be hit by mudslides and torrential downpours. Rain clouds have developed in southern Kyushu, due to the effects of a stationary active front in the area.
3. The speaker of Taiwan’s legislature has arrived by ship at Yonaguni Island in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture. You Si-kun boarded a high-speed boat on Tuesday morning in Suao in his home country of Yilan. Yonaguni is Japan’s westernmost island, just over 100 kilometers from Suao.