April 19, Wednesday, 2023

1. Japan’s government is preparing to send Self-Defense Force aircraft to transport Japanese nationals from Sudan, as fierce fighting continues there between military and paramilitary forces. Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuo Hirokazu said about 60 Japanese nationals were in Sudan as of Wednesday. 2. Ukraine and Poland have agreed to restart transit of grain and other farm products from Ukraine through Poland for export, on condition that they are sealed and monitored to ensure that they do not stay in Poland. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced the country to send its produce through neighboring Poland, Hungary and Slovakia for export to Africa and elsewhere. But the three countries recently announced a ban on such transfer, saying it harms domestic farmers as large quantities of the products are traded in the countries.
3. The man arrested on suspicion of throwing an explosive device at Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio had unsuccessfully sued the government over electoral eligibility. Police are investigating where the issue is related to the suspect’s motive.