April 11, Tuesday

1. The United States and the Philippines have begun their largest-ever joint military drills, with 17,600 personnel from both countries taking part. The Philippines has been strengthening its alliance with the US in the face of a growing Chinese presence in the South China Sea. 2. South Korea says it has agreed with the United States that many of the allegedly leaked US documents are fake and untrue. The documents include those that suggest Washington spied on Seoul. South Korea’s presidential office on Tuesday said the US and South Korean defense chiefs agreed on the assessment in a phone conversation. It also said the two sides will further strengthen their relationship of trust and cooperation through their alliance.
3. More and more people around the world are using the artificial intelligence chatbot known as Chat GPT. The CEO of the apple’s developer Open AI visited Japan on Monday. Sam Altman suggests in an exclusive interview with NHK that Chat GPT will improve our lives in ways we may never have imagined. He said, “We wanted to come here first. Japan has been an extremely exciting country for this whole wave of AI. It’s also a country that has such geopolitical importance and a sort of strong democratic foundations.”