January 31, Tuesday, 2023 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.The members of the UN Security Council discussed North Korea for the first time this year during a meeting on Monday. The conference was chaired by Japan. Last year, North Korea repeatedly launched ballistic missiles. It fired at least 73 missiles, including cruise missiles, toward the Sea of Japan and other destinations.
2.US media outlets are reporting that former world champion skier Kyle Smaine was killed in an avalanche in central Japan on Sunday. Many messages have been posted on social media. The US Freeski Team wrote, “Today we lost an incredible person friend, skier and teammate to the mountains.” It added, “Smaine loved exploring the mountains, was a fierce competitor but an even better person and friend.”
3.Russian commanders have been trying for months to break through defensive positions in eastern Ukraine. Now, they may have some momentum. The troops had already captured Soledar, a town they see as a foothold in the Donetsk region. Now, authorities claim soldiers have secured a place that has been a Ukrainian bastion since the outset of the war.