December 20, Tuesday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1. Kyiv authorities illuminated a Christmas tree in the Ukrainian capital on Monday evening amid continued power outages caused by Russian attacks. Standing in a city center square, the tree is 12 meters tall, less than half the usual height, and the daily hours of illumination have been shortened.
2. Japan’s central bank has surprised markets by adjusting its monetary policy, allowing long-term interest rates to fluctuate in wider band. The Bank of Japan believes the new range will improve market functions. The yield for the 10-year Japanese Government Bond will now be allowed to move in a range of around plus and minus 0.5 percent. The earlier range was plus and minus 0.25 percent.
3. A food maker in northern Japan is rushing to meet demand for “datemaki” rolled omelets. They are part of the colorful “osechi” delicacies traditionally served over the New Year holiday. The company in Hokkaido plans to make more than 3,000 of the distinctive cog-shaped rolls in time for New Year.