September 30, Friday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline read by Mr. Yamaguchi Hiroaki

1.Russian President Vladimir Putin will officially annex four regions of Eastern Ukraine, after holding a series of widely condemned referendums. Putin says he will sign documents formalizing the annexation of the four occupied regions on Friday. The areas being taken by Russia have been fully or partially occupied for months.
2.US President Joe Biden has criticized Russia for moving ahead with its plan to annex four eastern Ukrainian regions. Biden stated on Thursday that the United States will never recognize Russia’s “claims on Ukraine sovereign territory.” He said, “This so-called referenda was a sham – an absolute sham.” He added that the results were “manufactured in Moscow.”
3.Russian President Vladimir Putin says all mistakes made during the partial mobilization of reservists for the military operation in Ukraine should be corrected. He said people suffering from chronic illness and those who are past conscription age have been called up. He said all mistakes need to be corrected and people who were called up without appropriate reasons should be returned home.