July 21, Thursday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.The head of the International Monetary Fund says it will lower its global economic outlook again. The IMF’s last downgrade was in April, when it projected 3.6 percent growth in 2022. The new outlook comes out next week.
2.US President Joe Biden says he expects to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping within the next 10 days. Their discussion will likely be online or by telephone. The Biden administration has been mulling a partial lowering of tariffs on goods imported from China to help ease inflation in the US.
3.The First Lady of Ukraine has told US lawmakers that the Russians are “destroying” her people. Olena Zelenska said, “Help us to stop this terror against Ukrainians. And this will be our great joint victory in the name of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.”