November 17, Wednesday, 2021 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1. US President Joe Biden says four discussion groups will be created, so that talks between the United States and China can continue. The two sides are trying to prevent bilateral tensions from escalating. Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held their first virtual summit earlier this week. During the three-and-a half-hour meeting, they agreed to try to prevent the bilateral rivalry from escalating into a conflict by continuing their discussions.
2. US pharmaceutical company Pfizer has asked the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize the emergency use of its antiviral COVID-19 pill. Pfizer made the announcement on Tuesday. It is seeking approval of the drug to treat high-risk adult coronavirus patients who have developed mild to moderate symptoms. The company says the oral antiviral is designed to block the replication of the virus. It would be used in combination with the HIV drug ritonavir.
3. The city authorities of Beijing are stepping up coronavirus restrictions ahead of the Winter Olympics to be held in February. Starting on Wednesday, all people arriving in Beijing must present negative coronavirus test results taken within the previous 48 hours. Beijing continues its tight restrictions on the entry of people from areas where any community infection has been confirmed in the past two weeks.