November 9, Tuesday, 2021 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.The US government has sought to justify its new coronavirus mandate for large companies in response to a court order blocking the measure. The administration of President Joe Biden implemented the mandate to help ensure the safety of workers. Under the rule, companies with 100 or more employees must require workers to get fully vaccinated or alternatively require them to undergo weekly testing and wear masks. The rule must be implemented by January 4th at the latest. Governors of more than half the states have filed lawsuits, arguing that the rule is unconstitutional.
2. In Major League Baseball, Japanese two-way star Ohtani Shohei has been shortlisted for this year’s Most Valuable Player Award in the American League.
The MVPs will be announced on November 18.
3. Japanese conglomerate Toshiba is reportedly considering splitting into three firms. The struggling company is looking to raise its market value, streamline its operations and respond to a shareholder revolt.