September 15, Wednesday, 2021 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline read by Ms. Yamamoto Miki

1.The South Korean government says North Korea fired two ballistic missiles on Wednesday afternoon. The Japanese government says two projectiles have apparently fallen into the Sea of Japan, outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.
2.An election to choose the next leader of Japan’s ruling party is getting candidates worked up. The term of current Liberal Democratic Party chief and Prime Minister, Suga Yoshihide, ends this month. The candidates are former LDP policy chief Kishida Fumio, Regulatory Reform Minister Kono Taro and former Internal Affairs Minister Takaichi Sanae.
3. Voters in California are going to the polls to decide whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom over his anti-coronavirus measures and other issues. His critics, mainly Republican supporters, say the Democratic governor’s COVID-19 restriction caused an economic slowdown in the state.