June 9, Wednesday, 2021 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has urged Myanmar to implement the “Five-Point Consensus” agreed to by the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to help stabilize the situation. The consensus includes a call for immediate cessation of violence and sending a special envoy from ASEAN to facilitate mediation of the dialogue process.
2. China is hosting a trade fair with companies from Central and Eastern Europe as part of efforts to keep these regions involved in economic cooperation. Items exhibited at the four-day fair include wine from Serbia and glassware from the Czech Republic. 3.The U.S. State Department has lowered its travel advisory for Japan by one notch, urging people to reconsider travel to Japan due to COVID-19. The state department on Tuesday downgraded its “Japan Travel Advisory” from the highest “Do not travel” level to the Level 3 on its four-tier scale.