October 18, Tuesday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline read by Mr. Yamaguchi Hiroaki

1.A Russian warplane crashed into an apartment building in the southern Russian region of Krasnodar on Monday, killing 13 people. Local officials say the nine-story residential building in the city of Yeysk was engulfed in flames. They say 13 residents, including children, were killed and about 19 others were injured.
2.Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says he will instruct the government to submit bills aimed at providing relief to the victims of the shady practices of the former Unification Church, possibly during the current session of the Diet. The religious group is under close scrutiny for alleged shady marketing practices, including the solicitation of large donations from followers.
3.The Ukrainian foreign ministry has urged Iran to immediately stop supplying Russia with suicide drones. Demonstrations against Iran have taken place in Kyiv. The foreign ministry stated on Monday that in the last week alone, Russia used more than 100 Iranian drones to strike residential buildings, power stations and other facilities in a number of cities.