August 11, Thursday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline read by Ms. Keiko Kitagawa

1.Major US newspapers have suggested Ukrainians were involved in the explosions that rocked a Russian air base in Crimea on Tuesday. Russia unilaterally annexed the region in southern Ukraine eight years ago. Russia’s defense ministry denied the air base was attacked. It said the explosions were caused by detonation of aircraft ammunition.
2.Weather officials in Japan are urging people to stay alert for heat stroke due to persistently high temperatures. The mercury on Thursday has already topped 35 degrees Celsius across wide areas from Kanto to Kyushu.
3.The Russian TV journalist who protested her country’s invasion of Ukraine live on state television in March has been charged with spreading false information about the Russian military. Russian media has quoted Marina Ovsyannikova’s lawyer as saying that she was charged after posting a photo on social media last month showing her near the Kremlin holding a poster saying Russian President Vladimir Putin is a killer.