April 1, Friday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.US President Joe Biden says he is skeptical that Russia will scale back military operations around the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. Biden told reporters on Thursday that there is no clear evidence that President Vladimir Putin is “pulling all of his forces out of Kyiv”.
2.The Japanese government will provide blankets, plastic sheets and other emergency supplies for people who have been forced to leave their homes amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The government has noted that over 10 million people have been internally displaced or crossed into neighboring countries since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
3.Russian forces are regrouping and shifting focus. Some Ukrainians are feeling relief, while others, especially in the east, are worried that the deadly fighting will soon get worse. Russia has promised to scale back attacks on Kyiv. But people fleeing the capital say that’s not their experience.