January 24, Monday, 2022 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline

1.Japan’s government plans to expand the current quasi-state of emergency as coronavirus case numbers continue to climb. 18 more prefectures are requesting the stricter measures, which affect businesses like restaurants and bars. And three others are seeking an extension.
2.Organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics say they have found the first coronavirus case among national team members that entered China on Sunday. The organizing committee did not disclose which team the athlete or official belongs to. It revealed that three people who were not members of a team also tested positive at an airport in Beijing.
3.Incumbent Mayor Toguchi Taketoyo of Nago City, Okinawa prefecture has secured his re-election in Sunday’s vote, supported by ruling parties. The mayoral race comes as the central and prefectural governments remain locked in a standoff over the planned relocation of US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station to the city.