1. Sales at Japan’s major restaurant chains kept falling in July, as the coronavirus discouraged people from eating out. Fast-food restaurants didn’t do too badly, with a decline of just 3.6 percent. That was thanks to rising sales of takeout and home delivery. But family-style restaurants and pubs fared much worse.
  2. Protesters in several U.S. cities are back on the streets after another police shooting involving a black man. Officers in the state of Wisconsin responded to a call about a domestic dispute. They ended up shooting a man.  Bystanders say the individual was trying to help.
  3. The Spanish government says it will mobilize 2,000 military troops to fight against the coronavirus that is resurging in the country. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told reporters on Tuesday that soldiers will be mobilized to make up for a shortage of personnel. The soldiers will be involved in the contact tracing processes, which identifies people who have been in close contact with those infected.







August 26, Wednesday, 2020 (1:30 p.m.) Newsline